Supra Lockboxes

About Our Boxes

iBox BT LE Features

  • Infrared & Bluetooth access
  • Battery operated
  • Larger key container holds gate cards and 5 keys
  • Records up to 100 activity reports
  • Touch-and-Release key container
  • Showing hours configurable for weekdays, Saturday, & Sunday
  • One-step shackle release for easy placement

iBox BT LE can be purchased new at the TLBOR office for $133.09 after tax.

About the Supra EKey App

EKey Basic Features

  • Send and receive real-time information including a showing activity summary
  • Manage keyboxes and track them by MLS ID, address, and keybox number
  • Customize keybox settings — change shackle codes and set specific showing hours
  • Browse Mobile SupraWEB on their smartphone
  • Send showing feedback while still at the house with the potential buyer (if enabled in keybox)

The EKey subscription is currently $19.84/month with a one-time $50.00 activation fee.